Downtown Albuquerque Italian Restaurant Closing Its Doors After 40 Years

Midsection Of Man Having Pasta In Restaurant

A beloved downtown Albuquerque Italian restaurant is closing down after 40 years of business, reported KRQE.

Villa Di Capo is on the corner of 8th and Central and is loved for its lasagna and pasta. However, after four decades, the sisters that own the restaurant are retiring.

The pair hope that as many people as possible will stop by and enjoy a meal one last time before the restaurant closes on Saturday, May 22nd.

Giovanna Venaglia Mourning, co-owner of the restaurant, said:

"We just want to thank the community, our family, our friend. All the weddings and parties, graduations, all the romantic meals, all of our, what we consider our family, our customers for coming and seeing us all through these years."

Giovanna and her sister Madelyn have owned the restaurant since 1980. They were inspired by other family members who owned restaurants all over the city.

The sisters said that they will miss their customers and serving up delicious dishes, but they look forward to relaxing and getting to spend extra quality time with their families.

The last day for the restaurant is set for May 22nd, but it may close sooner if ingredients run out before then.

Photo: Getty Images

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