Video From Yo Gotti's Restaurant Shows Brawl That Led To Shooting

Yo Gotti

Photo: Getty Images

New details have surfaced surrounding a shooting that occurred at Yo Gotti's restaurant in Memphis after video footage hit the Internet.

On Thursday, March 30, TMZ got ahold of surveillance footage from Gotti's Prive restaurant, which shows the moments before and after shots were fired in front of the venue. In the grainy video, we can see a man in a blue hoodie get into a confrontation with another man in a red jacket before a drink a thrown and a fight breaks out in a crowded hallway inside the restaurant. That's when things take a turn for the worse.

The man in blue was in crutches before he handed them off to a woman and joined in on the fight. A security guard tried to break things up but the dispute just moved outside.

In the next scene, you can see one man is blurred out on the ground while the man in the blue hoodie points and shoots at another man. While we actually don't see the man get shot, we can see him laying on the ground afterward while the man in the blue limps out of the camera frame and eventually clears it. According to previous reports, one man died on the scene while another passed away after he was rushed to a nearby hospital. At least seven people were reportedly injured during the incident.

Police are still looking for the man who fired the deadly shots. Yo Gotti wasn't in the state when the shooting went down. He has not commented on the situation yet.

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