50 Cent Mocks Former Worker-Turned-Thief After He Won $6.2 Million Lawsuit

50 Cent

Photo: Getty Images

50 Cent is a pro when it comes to collecting his debts, and he's coming for one former employee who now owes him millions.

According to a report Black Millionaires published on Wednesday, March 15, Mitchell Green, a former director of brand management of the TV mogul's Sire Spirits, was exposed for stealing $2.2 million a year since 2018. In 2020, Green was threatened with extortion, which shed even more light on his crimes. After he was fired, Fif's company took Green to court and won $6,283,598.50 in total. A judge ordered Green to begin his payment or else the rapper-actor will seize his personal assets.

"I think i’m gonna put Epoxy floors in this place," 50 Cent wrote in his caption on Instagram. "I’m gonna keep it and his family pictures around, you know as a theme for the place. LOL"

Green reportedly admitted to jacking up the price of the company's $200 Branson cognac and $150 Le Chemin du Roi champagne and pocketing the profits, which he described as "agency fees." During their first legal battle, a judge rewarded Sire Spirits $6,194,293 in compensatory damages, pre-judgment interest, disgorged compensation and benefits, attorneys’ fees and costs, and arbitrator compensation. Green decided to appeal the 2021 decision, but the court denied his request last year. Back in November, the judge ordered Green to pay an additional $89,305.50 in attorneys’ fees and costs to the Texas resident's liquor company.

“Look I’m a need that by Monday!” joked 50 Cent last week.

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